19 May 2017

Getting to know the MAP team series – Week 4

What do you do at MAP?

Mainly just annoy the boss. But in between that and providing quality banter, I do tax returns, BAS’, audits, financials, SMSF’s, and whatever other adhoc work lands on my desk.

Why accounting?

Accounting has always been in the back of my mind, probably since I was around 12. I loved maths in school (what a nerd, I know), but didn’t love it so much that I’d study a maths degree. I also always saw myself in an office job (although most people who know me would say it’s so not suited to my personality), so after I enjoyed doing it for year 10 work experience, I thought I’d give it a crack at uni, and here we are, almost finished the degree and haven’t looked back.

Also, accounting is good in the way that it gives you a lot of pathways. There are many different jobs you can go into in accounting, and whilst my focus is tax accounting at the moment, it’s good to know that the profession is constantly changing and eventually I will probably have a completely different role in business.

What is your fave thing about working for MAP?

The fact that I wake up in the morning and don’t dread coming to work. I can walk in the door and NOT start automatically counting down how many hours until home time. This is mostly due to the fact that I work with the best people ever. We have great banter going all day long but still manage to work effectively and as a team.

­Why work for MAP?

As far as accounting firms go, they have a big stigma of being boring and stuffy. MAP on the other hand takes a fresh and fun approach to a job that outsiders may perceive as repetitive and uninteresting. We have fun in the office by working together to kick goals. We’re also super lucky to have a boss that listens to our opinions on matters and takes them into consideration. Melissa is also really great in the way that she encourages us to develop our knowledge and skills, by providing us with the flexibility to choose our own hours to fit in time to study and for me to go to uni.

How do you kill time on the weekends?

I wish I could say I had time to kill on the weekends. Typically I spend my days playing netball, soccer and in the second half of the year physie comps. In the night time, I usually try to make time to see my pals and hang out over a couple of wines. Or you know, a sneaky night in with Netflix and a pizza is also in my top 5 fave things to do.

Top goal in life?

Obviously I want to be successful and own a house or two and all that boring stuff, but that’s way too mainstream to be up top. My ultimate life goal is to own my own winery. I envision it being on the same property that I live on, so it can have a real homey feel ( and pretty convenient to be able to stroll down to the cellar for a sneaky bev). It will probably be my mid-life crisis to be honest. So watch that space, free bottle if you quote this blog ;).

What is your ideal holiday?

I’m not much of a holiday girl, I’m more of a traveler. I’ve found a passion for volunteer/aid programs that give you the opportunity to explore cultures whilst making a small indent on the lives of those less fortunate than us. I’m not in to the whole ‘tourist experience’ when travelling. I’m not interested in going to an iconic building and taking a pic for Instagram then moving on to the next iconic place that you can really just experience in a catalogue. I’d rather go off road and see how people on the other side of the world live.

One sentence to describe you

Just here for the banter.