2 May 2017

Getting to know the MAP team series – Week 3

What do you do at MAP?

As principal of MAP – l steer the ship and do my best to keep my enthusiastic young staff on track. These days my role is less about compliance and more about improving the financial position of our clients (individual and businesses). Often a counselor when needed for many, always offering advice. At MAP l do my best to pretend to lead the team, but honestly am amazed at how frequently l learn from them (usually with social media and technology!!) and follow their approach – which is always fresh and less than traditional. It really is a team approach.

Why do you do what you do?

I was always what l would describe as financially minded. As early as high school l developed a keen interest in the economy, following interest rate movements and federal budgets (quite the nerd!). It was only natural for me to pursue a career in business. I originally began as a cost accountant in a multi-national publishing company, but didn’t feel l was making much of a difference and preferred to be more hands on. I enjoy leading the MAP team as l get the opportunity to work with fantastic hardworking people of like-mind. For me it is all about the clients, my staff, the relationships we develop and the improvements we can make together (so sentimental).

What is your favourite thing about working for MAP?

Apart from the fantastic client base – it really is the team itself. I am so encouraged by the intelligent staff that now forms the MAP team. They are vibrant, hardworking and confident to express their views and opinions (although often not requested). I am confident of the future of not only MAP but the profession generally when l watch the team in action and listen to their discussion about particular accounting issues. It’s quite simply the people that make me enjoy running the practice.

Who or what brand inspires you as a business women?

There are numerous people l admire for lots of different reasons, not just business smarts. Gail Kelly – Former Westpac CEO inspires as a formidable leader. The first female CEO appointed to an Australian Bank in 2002 (St George) and the highest paid female in corporate Australia until her resignation in 2015. Kelly is an advocate encouraging more women on Australian Corporate Boards – a real force and role model to all. Other inspirations are Michelle Pfeiffer for being gorgeous and able to get into such skinny black leg-ins as cat woman in Batman. Julia Gillard for her determination in daring to take on top job in a man’s world (definitely not for her fashion sense!). More recent is Adele for her raw humour and unbelievable talent.

What is your favourite quote?

You only get out of it what you put into it – a quote drummed into me as a child.

What is your ideal holiday?

Eating my way (literally) around Italy would be the ultimate. Outside of that ANY holiday that involves relaxing, eating too much and the odd (frequent) wine with my family.