23 March 2017

What does your office space say about your business?

Creating a motivating work space is not only good for your corporate image but also for productivity. It is an opportunity to improve business performance, engage employees and drive innovation.

Does your office environment inspire your employees? Does it reflect the perception you want your clients to have of your business? For us it was a win – “Your office looks fantastic, I like the green splashback. It looks like an Advertising Agency, not a boring stuffy Accountants office”.

In designing our new office at Park central, we were presented with a blank canvas. This provided the team with the opportunity to take ownership of their own space and contribute to the design, playing an important part in developing the end result.

The office design was built on functionality and new technology.

Together we decided that the optimal work environment should be:

The end result is a layout that makes good use of the floor space, collaborative work areas to encourage team work and an outdoor area that can be used as a work space. Furthermore, the technology in the office has been enhanced to provide mobility. Any employee can work in any space within the office at any time of the day, accessing cloud technology seamlessly. This flexibility and freedom will continue to be a driver of team morale and job satisfaction. Cloud technology also enables us to communicate with our clients more regularly and efficiently.

To effectively drive performance, work environments must continue to evolve with changing work, life, and economic trends in order to stay relevant. These spaces should tailor the needs of your employees and customers alike in order to achieve greater success in a competitive business environment.

From this, we challenge you to consider what changes you can make to keep your business relevant!